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Re: Going to try again...

Missy, Welcome back to Downey Unlimited Forever.

Let me first extend an apology if you ever felt anything but welcomed here. I'm not sure what happened or who private messaged you or what the situation was about. We do encounter the occasional problems on this forum and try our very best to deal with them immediately and accordingly.

We want to keep this board friendly and respectful ALWAYS. Not everyone agrees with the way we handle certain situations but if peace is established then that's what we strive for. We may own DUF but it belongs to all of us. We should be able to entrust the members who come here to talk about and express whatever is on their mind about Robert in nothing but a civil and respectful manner.

If Robert, any of his family, friends or Team Downey members ever visited us here I would want it to be a positive experience. Just like we want it to be for all of you.

So much has been happening in the Downey Camp. From the birth of little Exton to Roberts recent Visionary Award and all the way up to his birthday and The Avengers movie premiere day after tomorrow. So please feel free to catch up, hang out and join in!

GinaB and DrSues

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Re: Going to try again...

Funny thing was, it wasn't about anything on the board, but the past is the past.

I have been using Robert to recover since my surgery - and what a wonderful aide he's been. I've even gotten my husband into watching quite a few films of his he hasn't seen...and he's enjoying them!

I just need somewhere to gush with those who understand said gushing!

Oh, and quite the LOVELY avatar, my dear!

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Re: Going to try again...

welcome back Missy! Please don't let others put you off this website its got great people on here for you to chat to

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Re: Going to try again...

Welcome back! Sorry you had a negative experience before.....I hope you'll stick around this time, as there are lots of awesome people here.

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Re: Going to try again...

Welcome to DUF, hope your experiences here this time will be positive and pleasant!

Hope your recovery is progressing well too!

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Re: Going to try again...

I just want to add "DITTO!" to everything Gina said!
Glad you decided to give the site another try!
Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly and you're back to your old self in no time!

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Re: Going to try again...

Hey welcome back! If you ever want to talk about Robert you are free to send me a private message or add me to msn =D

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Re: Going to try again...

hey there!

welcome back!

i have found that the people here are cool and friendly and the site is welcoming to anyone.

hope your recovery is going well and glad it was helped by rdj. he is certainly a good therapist.

get better soon!


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Re: Going to try again...

Welcome back Missy. I LOVE your avatar, one of my favourite lines from my favourite movie. xxx

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Re: Going to try again...

Thank you all - I feel better already!! I'm actually off to the doctor in a few minutes to see how my new neck hardware is wasn't keen on doing the operation on someone my age (I kept hearing I was too young), but I have feeling back in my left arm, so I'm a happy girl!

For me, Robert is inspiration and entertainment all wrapped into one gorgeous package!

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Re: Going to try again...

Welcome back Missy! I hope your experience on here will be more positive from now on, and your recovery continues to go smoothly.

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