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Re: Going to try again...

Hey welcome back! If you ever want to talk about Robert you are free to send me a private message or add me to msn =D

Country Mexico

Age (opt) 23

Re: Going to try again...

hey there!

welcome back!

i have found that the people here are cool and friendly and the site is welcoming to anyone.

hope your recovery is going well and glad it was helped by rdj. he is certainly a good therapist.

get better soon!


Country australia

Age (opt) feel 18!

Re: Going to try again...

Welcome back Missy. I LOVE your avatar, one of my favourite lines from my favourite movie. xxx

Country Somerset, UK

Age (opt) 35

Re: Going to try again...

Thank you all - I feel better already!! I'm actually off to the doctor in a few minutes to see how my new neck hardware is wasn't keen on doing the operation on someone my age (I kept hearing I was too young), but I have feeling back in my left arm, so I'm a happy girl!

For me, Robert is inspiration and entertainment all wrapped into one gorgeous package!

Country USA

Age (opt) 32

Re: Going to try again...

Welcome back Missy! I hope your experience on here will be more positive from now on, and your recovery continues to go smoothly.

Country Australia