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Our Day In Hollywood at Avengers Premiere

Special thanks to my Sissy Marsha for your labor of love in the making of this banner. Thanks for your support in all I do RDJ related. Thanks to Meepzy for the caption idea. A real winner!!!! Hannibal Heyes we are sending you the Sherlock keychain Meepzy made you and I have a special gift that I'm including from me.

YIPEE!!! It was a LONG day but we had such a Fantastic time. We got a ton of autographs from all of the cast members and got to talk to a few of them too. They were all very very close. I could have kissed Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner. Oh and let me not forget that Samuel Jackson came right over to us, talked to us and gave the DUF Sisters ALL autographs. People, HE NEVER GIVES AUTOGRAPHS!!!!

It was super exciting to see Robert rolling in slowly in the Acura Concept car with a very Gorgeous n glowing Susan(their first date out since Exton was born)

Robert only signed a handful of posters and moved quickly into the press line. We still got lots of photos and video and I even talked to Susan while she waited for Robert to sign for a few fans. I told her she looked beautiful. She looked so happy and did a little bow n shyly said thank you with that bright smile on her face. I pointed to the banner and she squinted to carefully read it and looked back up at me with a huge smile shaking her head in a YES manner. She obviously liked it. When Robert was all done and heading back towards the red carpet he stopped and acknowledged the DU Sisters and gave us a big wave.

All in all it was all just a great day. During our 14 hours in Hollywood we caught up with each other, told stories, talked Downey, relived some great events, shared pictures, ate, traded gifts, laughed, got interviewed and photographed constantly by the media before the event started and had some amazing interaction with all of The Avengers including Joss Whedon and Jon Favreau.

Thanks Marvel and Disney for a wonderful world Premiere!!!! Cant wait to see the 4AM screening in May after the special Disney Avengers breakfast.


Missing from the group photos: Rocky, Mary, Kim, and Michael. Sadly, Veronica got sick with the flu and couldnt make it. Get well soon Girlie!

Country USA Marina Del Rey/Hollywood

Age (opt) Roberts

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