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Re: Rob's in Moscow!

Thanks Regina and good to hear from you! I hope Robert has enough time to do some sight seeing of historic sights. We all know he is a history buff. Must be exciting for him to be there.

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Re: Rob's in Moscow!@Elodie

who is jimmy and where is the pic please? i think i'ts a red carpet..

Jimmy Rich is Robert's close friend and personal assistant. The picture is private and can't be posted.

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Re: Rob's in Moscow!

To fully understand who Jimmy is, (and how important he is in Robert's life), check "Payback" on the TV Shows section in the Spotlight section of this site.

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Re: Rob's in Moscow!

Hey Miss Regina!!! Great to hear from you! I miss you too!!
You should go see if you can get close to the man! He'd LIKE you! LOL!
Hope you get the chance!!! xoxox

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Re: Rob's in Moscow!

Cool! Is there a link to his pics?

Re: Rob's in Moscow!

well i'ts a private pic...

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Re: Rob's in Moscow!

What a great photo of Jimmy. Regina, did you make it over to the premiere?

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Re: Rob's in Moscow!

Glad to see you back Regina! Hope you got to go to the premiere.

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