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Re: how did he not know?

There was a big article in the Business section of the paper this morning. Disney just announced this partnership on Monday. Here is a quote from the Contra Costa Times article by Ryan Nakashima, Associated Press: "Disney and it's new partner, Beijing-based DMG Entertainment, didn't offer many details about their "Iron Man 3" project, although the companies say the movie will incorporate Chinese elements and be partly funded by DMG"

Apparently China has relaxed restrictions on number of film companies allowed to film in China .... they now are wanting foreign studios to bring their moviemaking know-how to China by forming joint ventures with Chinese studios. But studios have been jilted when Beijing has promised new openness only to reverse course. Hopefully this won't be the case with Disney and IM 3.

China is on pace to become the world's second largest movie market after the combined U.S. and Canadian region this year so there is enormous potential for Box Office revenue from a successful joint venture.

And yes, Robert probably did not know of this announcement since he was enroute to Russia for the opening of The Avengers. It will be interesting to hear his thoughts on this big change of location.

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Re: how did he not know?@joyce

Just to confirm - the bulk of IM3 will still be filmed in Wilmington, NC. A portion of the film yet to be determined will be filmed in China in late summer.

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Re: how did he not know?@joyce

Thanks for clarifying that Lauri ... the AP article didn't mention No. Carolina and it sounded like they were going to do the whole shoot in China. Good to hear the N.C. location is still in place.

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Re: how did he not know?@joyce

Great stuff girls! Interesting news about China.

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Re: how did he not know?

wow..! THATS a cool bit of news....about IM3

well thanks to you all ....i get lots n lots of info from u guys that never reaches

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