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Re: Moscow Photo Shoot & Premiere Info

Right Judy! And i saw cool sneakers at his feet while they all were on the stage in the theater

He seems to be the one who speaks (reads) few words of the foreign language during the premieres he did that also in Italy for the AGoS premiere. Not sure how it sounded his Russian, Regina will tell us

Valentina, I always look for what cool shoes he might be sporting at all his events. He's been wearing a lot of Gucci and Prada dress shoes lately. These Gucci sneakers for the Russian Premiere definitely did not disappoint. Wonder if they were custom. They went FanTAStic with his suit. He is such a fashion forward man. He can pull almost anything off.

I'm a sneakers lover Gina, so i'm always when he sports them

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Re: Moscow Photo Shoot & Premiere Info

Mr. Downey! Best suit ever! Thanks for terminating the interview to spend a few moments with your fans.

Camera coverage was a bit disappinting. I didn't want to see that many close-ups of body guards. LOL

I saw this picture earlier....but it just dawned on me...His shirt and tie are closed all the way up!!! He never does the top button or takes his normal ties all the way up! Remember? But then again - he is a slave to fashion and "looking GOOD"! LOL!

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Re: Moscow Photo Shoot & Premiere Info

Robert, Scarlett, and Mark in Moscow. Jeremy, Tom H., and Chris H. also there. Watch the premiere live this morning if you can. 11am Eastern, 10 Central, 8 Pacific. Marvel's link below.

I like how he says "He doesn't need press credentials!" I do believe he is referring to Jimmy who is photographing like a pro alongside the masses, lol!

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