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Re: Sightseeing in Moscow----RDJ Style

What I don't understand is, if you feel such strong negative feelings about Robert Downey Jr, why you are on a website completely dedicated to him posting on it. LOL!!

"I bet you in two years time, no one would recognize him on the streets of Chicago or London"

That's the second funniest thing I've heard all day! Because I know for sure, this girl will.

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Re: Sightseeing in Moscow----RDJ Style

i don't think he was complaining at all, he was just saying he wanted to go see moscow without a bunch of security guards following him around. I don't see what's annoying about that. It wouldn't matter if he was a huge star or just a nobody when you want to go out either at home or in a new city you usually want to go out with your friends not strangers.

I for one enjoy the way robert handles his frame, i know a bunch of people who have met him and every one of them say he is down to earth and gives you his full attention.

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