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Re: Esquire Magazine Update

I got mine days ago on the 16th and there was a huge stack of them. Check with your local newsstand. They may have it. I think Barnes n Noble may get theirs a little later.

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Age (opt) Roberts

Re: Esquire Magazine Update

Thanks Gina...I wish! But I don't think we have a newstand in Walnut Creek. Looked for one before and the only ones listed were Oakland and San Francisco. I'll just have to wait for Tuesday...... :-(

Country Walnut Creek, Calif USA

Re: Esquire Magazine Update

Yeah the magazine STILL isn't at my Barnes and Noble. Maybe I will try somewhere else. :P

Country USA

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Re: Esquire Magazine Update

Hi there ladies :)
Just want to ask if any of you has by any chance scanned the magazine?
In spite of the fact that imported mags are pretty expensive here I try to buy some when I'm really interested to the content
However I can't find it this time

So in case you do have some scans of the interview, would you please let me know? Thank you in advance! xx

Country greece