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Re: Awww, Robert misses little Exton

why today??you know if he's back in us?

lol...girl you sound really desperate with all your silly questions. He's done promoting the movie in Europe and that means he went back home to his family. What did you think he and Scarlett were off to paris for extended vacation (judging from your twitter account I'm guessing that's exactly what you were hoping for)

who are you?and who are you for judge me?about my twitter account and for my question...a troll again!
and how do you know my twitter account?

Elodie....I don't know who Mathew is - but he is right! You DO ask silly questions and VERY often.
You have been asked to "cool it"(privately)more than once. Maybe asking you to cool it publicly will do the trick! Just be patient and when information is known - someone will post it!
Thank you!

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Re: Awww, Robert misses little Exton

This brought tears to my eyes. He says he misses him "a lot". I can only imagine how happy he will be when he sees him today.
Thats the thing that, IMO , would kind of suck about being a popular entertainer. Being far away from relatives for such long periods of time. I am told that the money is nice, but it can also get kind of lonely, plus having all of those hundreds of thousands of people depending upon you for their livelyhoods. That kind of pressure must be terrible and immense.Add to that there might be some crazy stalkers out there..

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