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Re: Pictures, as promised!

Thank you so much! The pictures are great, you're very lucky!

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Re: Pictures, as promised!

What a tremendous experience!

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Re: Pictures, as promised!

Sue, these are fantastic photos... great shots of Robert having such a good time. I was about 2 feet behind you during the ceremony so my view was the same as yours which was perfect. Thanks so much for posting them ... I'm enjoying completely!!!

Love the slideshow!!!!

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Re: Pictures, as promised!

Sue, thanks so much for sharing your pictures and the story with us!!! I love this site!

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Re: Pictures, as promised!

Omg how were you able to attend this!!? It looks like such a small, intimate setting. I am soo jealous! What a wonderful experience for you all. :) And Brenda Strong was there?? I'm a big fan of Desperate Housewives. How cool! :D

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Re: Pictures, as promised!@Emily

Take a look at DrSues' very detailed account on the "Memories of March 25" thread below. She explains how she and GinaB got to attend and how the whole day unfolded.

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