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Re: Dubbed Avengers. (a rant)

Avengers premieres next Friday in Guatemala...! That's the good news.
I went today to buy tickets for the premiere and guess what I found out? The movie's in Spanish. Not in one theater but in EVERY theater. WTH? I know it'll be easier to follow the story but come on, IT'S NOT THE SAME!!! I want to listen to the actors' original voices! What is going on here? Does Marvel think we can't read subtitles here???
Anyway, I didn't buy a ticket, but I know I will see the movie anyway; after all, it's still Robert's face up there, even if his voice is not...

Lisbeth, I know what you're talking about! Here in Hungary they always do the same! You can't watch it in the original language, not in one cinema! They think we are illiterates. The same was with Sherlock and Due Date and Iron Man too. I'm desperately looking for the DVDs! (Which haven't been out yet... )

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Re: Dubbed Avengers. (a rant)

It is the same in Italy. I must say that we have quite good actors and there are italian dubbers that are better than many italian actors, but i totally agree that is a shame that we cannot enjoy the original voices of the movies.
will have to wait for the dvd to be released

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Re: Dubbed Avengers. (a rant)

I KNOOOWWW I totally understand you Lisbeth, here in Mexico we have great dubbers but nothing can ever compare to the original voices and of course to Robert's voice!!!

Here in Mex the premiere is going to be in spanish in the theater that is nearest to my house so I will have to go watch it to another one that is farest and I don't like to drive at night but I will do anything to watch it so nevermind. What I don't like is that it is going to be in 3D and I don't like 3D movies =P... anyway the days after I can watch it in englsh and not in 3D

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