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Re: Thank you Meepzy!

That is so cute!

RDJ is the wallpaper on my cell phone too.

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Re: Thank you Meepzy!

CUTE!!! I want a Tiny Tony! LOL

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Re: Thank you Meepzy!

That's wonderful HH. Glad it made it to you safely. I think I'm going to put mine on my lanyard that has all my Stark and Iron Man pins. It hangs inside my car on the mirror.

Thanks Meepzy for making those for everyone!!!!

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Re: Thank you Meepzy!

AAHH! You hung him on you're phone, I'm so flattered and happy! It's a big honor for me seeing it go to good use, thank you so much! I'm glad he made it to you safely and I'm glad you liked him.

Re: Thank you Meepzy! AND GinaB!

further thanks to the amazing GinaB for Tiny Tony number 2 who arrived today, or maybe I'll call him Iron Mini!

My son Elias is VERY covetous of him, luckily for me he's more into Spiderman at present.

Gina, Meepzy, all my DUF brothers and sisters, you guys rock. xx

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