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Re: Back from Avengers - no spoilers

You know what is the bigger disappointment??
NO IRON MAN 3D GLASSES and no other avengers glasses....

I guess it is something only for the states, i was so disappointed when the guy gave me regular 3D glasses at my cinema. I don't know why, but i was expecting to get special glasses...

Country Italy

Age (opt) 37

Re: Back from Avengers - no spoilers

I also hoped to get the Iron Man glasses, but no

At least the movie was absolutely fabulous and it's very, very difficult not to spoil anything here.

Country Germany

Re: Back from Avengers - no spoilers

Thanks for the no spoilers!

Re: Back from Avengers - no spoilers

am glad i went to gold class where there were only 30 seats with luxury.

the general public had to line up and i was told it went from the cinema and around the block!

wow! am glad i made it a special occasion.


Country australia

Age (opt) feel 18!

Re: Back from Avengers - no spoilers

I watched it yesterday!!! Wow! It was fantastic! I'm going again next week!

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Re: Back from Avengers - no spoilers

Already saw it thrice.....on 27th ,28th and 29th....

ROBERT TONY DOWNEY STARK AT his all time best......
He completely Rocked the show....he Stole it from others word to describe him

And only one word for the MOVIE......A TIME BOMB.

and HERE WE GOT THE IRON MAN 3D Glasses....saw it in 3D....effect was INSANELY AWESOME.felt like i am right there infront of them ...just reach out my hand and i can touch thm ....!
must go and see another couple of time

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Age (opt) 30

Re: Back from Avengers - no spoilers

I've just got back from seeing it too, and it rocked!! It all flowed together so well and I can't wait for everyone to see it! I want to see it again, next time I'm going to have to go gold class!

Country Australia