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Some Fun Avengers Merchandise

Hello, Ladies,

So, after several mall visits, I've found that most of the in store items are Captain America heavy...which makes me a sad Tony Stark I hit the internet for a couple of things I thought I'd pass along.

I picked up a Tony Stark shirt on Ebay (makes me so sad that nothing in the states has Tony's face on it this time least for IM2 we had a Dr. Pepper can...)


A charm for my charm bracelet on Etsy:


A dear friend of mine managed to get an Avengers poster for me, which my living room is happy to have:


AND (this was the cutest by far) Build-A-Bear has Iron Man bears!!


I resisted getting one yesterday...then my husband told me I should have done it! Ahh! I'm so glad he's okay with my RDJ lovin'!

Has anyone else seen any unique Tony Stark/Iron Man Items?

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Re: Some Fun Avengers Merchandise

omg, the bears!
I haven't seen any merchandise from the movie in my little country yet, but I'll be on the lookout. The truth is, most of my IM merchandise is handmade: I've plastered Iron Man/Tony pictures on mouse pads, staple removers, and the covers of stamp pads for use at the office.
The best item I've bought is an Iron Man piggy bank though!

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Re: Some Fun Avengers Merchandise

I may have to get that charm. He can sit right next to my sock monkey charm and my live long and prosper hand sign charm :-)

Re: Some Fun Avengers Merchandise

In some cinemas here we can buy Avengers menu, which contains a plastic glass with a figure on the top: Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America or Thor. Today we bought two with my son but they only had Hulk and Thor! So we got them and I'll have to try again if I want to have IM and CA.

And I have the Avengers popcorn-boxes on my shelf, too!

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