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Re: Just Seen The Avengers (No Spoilers) ----great movie!!

I wore my New black Sabbath tshirt....the one he wore in the entire when I went in the theatre ,no body noticed me.,but wen I came out everybody was looking at my t shirt.....

@Nina How cool is that

I saw the movie twice since Thursday, it's really a blast!!! Can't wait to see it again

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Re: Just Seen The Avengers (No Spoilers)

The Avengers is amazing. The Hulk and RDJ steal the whole show. Defo my fave film so far :) Joss Whedon knows how to make a summer blockbuster thats for sure

I also haven't seen the cinema so full of people in YEARS! So happy for Robert and the others

Yeah, Tony and Hulk definitely steal the show! They're the best!

We went to the less famous cinema to avoid the crowd, but there were a lot of people anyway.

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Re: Just Seen The Avengers (No Spoilers)

I kept staring at Jeremy Renner (another of my favourite actors) as Hawkeye

As soon as the credits began to roll, all people applauded and cheered, which hardly ever happens.

Also there was a 'special' guest at the cinema: a little white mouse snatching some popcorn from the floor and running away with it

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Re: Just Seen The Avengers (No Spoilers)Stefanie

RE the little mouse:
ha, ha, that's so funny.... almost like a Disney movie!
But I would have freaked out!!

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