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Re: RDJ saved my life

Jossie you really touched my heart, I'm really happy you're still here. I also think that you should tell your story in a letter to Robert, I'm sure he would be touched if he read it. Thanks for sharing your story with us and I hope you will be happy and you will have all the things that you deserve. My best wishes for you.

P.D. Sorry for my bad English, but I needed say to you some words.

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Re: RDJ saved my life

Thank you so much guys!So, I've written the letter now... Should I send it? What do you think? I dont want to appear like a creeper or some sort of freak...

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Re: RDJ saved my life

By all means send it. But remember it may be a while before he receives it. All his correspondence has to be screened.

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Re: RDJ saved my life

Hi Jossie

I’m really sad about your childhood, you touched my heart. But I’m glad that you’re still with us on this planet. As I was sick, Roberts movies helped me a lot and when I am sad and depressed I hear his version of “Smile” and read his interviews. He has lived so much life and has such wise words for everybody who is interested in a deeper meaning of life. From him, I have learnt so much about life, how to live, how to be grateful and how precious life is. I don’t know you but I think you’re a lovely person, so please stay strong. Sorry my English isn’t very well and to express feelings in a foreign language is very difficult. But I hope you understand me.

PS: And yes, you should send the letter to Robert, perhaps he read it in one of his lonely moments.

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