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Re: Avengers

Just got home! I am in Avengers Heaven!! wonderful quick review Judy! what a fun exciting memorable night! Thanks to Josh and the whole cast Planning when I can go see it again!

Country Oregon

Re: Avengers

I too just got home from the movie!!
Exciting from start to finish and infused with so much humor!!!!! Kudos to Joss Wheadon and all actors! They hit a home run!
(But in my opinion, Robert & Mark stole the whole show!!! )

Country Arizona - USA

Age (opt) a few more than Robert

Re: Avengers

Since you are an insider, I was looking forward to hearing your comments JudyG
Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

I did not mention anything before, but you know that we did not get the post credits scene? We got the movie earlier, but that famous scene supposedly shot after the LA premiere, did not make it to our release.

Country Italy

Age (opt) 37

Re: Avengers

I guess as it works out only American audiences can see the kicker scene.

Country United States

Re: Avengers

I saw The Avengers when it opened here Apr 25 and got to see the scene after the credits. The movie is really great

Country Philippines

Re: Avengers -Robert's contribution

And as always, Robert contributed lines and suggestions! Kudos to him and to JW for listening and for giving each hero a chance to shine!

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Age (opt) 51

Re: Avengers

I've seen it 3 times already! The opening here in Mexico on the 27th, and then last Wednesday and again last night... I'm obsessed! The last time I was this impacted by a film was for The Lord of the Rings!...

(That said, I did see the first Iron Man and the second Sherlock four times each in the theatre. Tee-hee.)

But Avengers may surpass that! Brilliant film, especially Robert & Mark!!

Country Mexico

Age (opt) Robert + 5

Re: Avengers

I absolutely loved it. Went to the midnight Imax showing and it was so much fun. The script was on the money. Going to see it again today.

Country USA

Age (opt) 26

Re: Avengers

I finally got to see it today! Hubby, son and I went together and we ALL loved it! I want to see it again! It was such a fun movie, and while the entire cast was awesome, I thought Robert definitely stole the show.

Country South Carolina, USA

Age (opt) 34