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Re: Avengers, SMASH! (the box-office)

This is fantastic news! Congratulations to everyone involved in the film!

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Re: Avengers, SMASH! (the box-office)

Valentina, was just reading the reports of this fantastic opening!! Here is an excerpt from an article on Yahoo reporting the worldwide box office in barely 1 1/2 weeks is 641.8 million !!!! That is a record!!!!

Congratulations to Robert and the cast, crew, Josh Whedon and the producers. You all did an amazing job with such a difficult project!!!!

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hulk, smash.

That's what Captain America tells the Incredible Hulk to do in "The Avengers," and that's what the Marvel Comics superhero mash-up did at the box office, smashing the domestic revenue record with a $200.3 million debut.

It's by far the biggest opening ever, shooting past the previous record of $169.2 million for the debut of last year's "Harry Potter" finale.

"The Avengers" added $151.5 million overseas over the weekend to bring its total to $441.5 million since it began opening internationally a week earlier.

That raised the film's worldwide haul to $641.8 million in barely a week and a half, more than its Marvel superhero forerunners "Iron Man," ''Iron Man 2," ''Thor" and "Captain America" took in during their entire runs.

If distributor Disney's domestic estimate Sunday holds when the final weekend count is released Monday, "The Avengers" would be the first movie ever to haul in $200 million in a single weekend.

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Re: Avengers, SMASH! (the box-office)

How about that, Joyce, that's insane!

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Re: Avengers, SMASH! (the box-office)

How about that, Joyce, that's insane!

Yep, that's really insane, I never thought it would do so well! I'm happy for everyone involved mainly Robert.

Btw most countries only have the first 5 days nunbers,so the actual total is bigger.

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