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Re: Just Saw the Avengers! (No Spoilers) Character Glasses

They handed everyone regular black-frame 3D glasses.

I asked about the Iron Man 3D glasses and the fellow just shrugged.

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Re: Just Saw the Avengers! (No Spoilers)


My post wasn't about Judy's referring to the character 3D glasses. I can't answer her question because I don't know where and how to get these special glasses.

I was talking about my viewing experience with 3D and the D-Box seat. A few cinemas have been equipped with special seats called D-Box seats. It is something new. You may not have heard of this new technology. Just google it so you know what I am talking about. I just found out about it on the Internet because these cinemas are starting to advertise their new seats. I didn't intend to see the movie again. I changed my mind when I found out there was a new way to enjoy a movie. Obviously the cinema I went to charged more for the use of D-Box seats, but it was worth paying a few extra pounds for this new technology. It makes your viewing experience even more enjoyable.

Re: Just Saw the Avengers! (No Spoilers)

Oh ok
Since it was right under her post about the special glasses i took it that way.

Yeah, those special seats sounds amazing. Never heard about them, will google it

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Re: Just Saw the Avengers! (No Spoilers)

I have seen it twice. I think it looks good in 3D. Yesterday I saw it again in 3D and I had an even better viewing experience when seeing the movie on a D-Box seat. The D-box seat allows you to feel the explosions, crashes and the Hulk roar through the seat. You also feel as if you were flying with Iron Man. The D- Box seat is something new. It will increase the price of the ticket but it is really worth it.

Glad to hear you enjoyed this, M!
Here in Arizona, they labeled this type of theater "The Digital Experience"! Can't wait to try it out! Will do so this week if possible! Just had to see it the first time in "normal" view! Don't want to get TOO overwhelmed! Ha! Ha! ha! Which is pretty easy with this cast! *sigh*

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Re: Just Saw the Avengers! (No Spoilers)

Hello DrSues,

You should try this ' Digital Experience' if you can. I live in the United Kingdom. Only a few cinemas here have what is called D-Box seats. As the D-Box technology is something new and expensive it will be a while before most cinemas have invested in it. It will definitely change the way you see a movie. I think this technology is suitable for action movies like Avengers Assemble ( as it is renamed here in the UK so people don't confuse it with an old British TV series with the same title ). I enjoyed the movie. I was very happy because I was entertained. You will enjoy it even more when you try out the ' Digital experience'.