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Re: RDJ replaced in Iron Man? NEVER!!

Hello Dr Sues,

Don't take it the wrong way.
Now that you have clarified his quote I admit I was wrong about him. You said it was just an act and he wasn't serious when he said that. Sorry, I misinterpreted his words. Believe me, I didn't think he was arrogant or full of himself until I read his quote. On the contrary,
I thought he was a nice guy and down to earth, with no big ego based on comments from people who have met him, so it came a shock to me. I didn't mean to insult him and offend the posters here. I am not a troll, and I wouldn't post stupid comments like ' he is an awful father to his sons', ' the guy can't dress himself properly. It happens when his wife is not there to babysit him' , ' he always plays himself or acts the same in every movie he's in' ( quotes from trolls who post on the IMDb board for RDJ).
He is a great actor and he has proved he is perfect for the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man. I didn't say he would be replaced right now. I still want to see him play Tony Stark until he says he is done with it. I like his Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes but I would like to see him take different roles in any film genre between his franchises for a change.

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