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Re: RDJ replaced in Iron Man? NEVER!!


What I am saying is it is not unusual for an older actor to be replaced by a younger one. It is not an insulting remark. It is a fact. An actor can also be replaced for any reason other than his age. Edward Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo to play Hulk, and yet Mark is older than Edward. I can't comment on that because I have no idea why Edward didn't reprise his role in the ' Avengers '.
As for Robert, he is still young enough to play Tony Stark but I doubt he will still play this character when he is 60. The thing is people want to replace you when you reach 50 because they consider you too old. I understand how you feel about that. Believe me, I am against 'ageism' or discrimination against over 50s. It is not fair, of course. You are going to say 40 is the new 20 and 50 is the new 30. That's true. People are living much longer than before. Age doesn't always mean anything. It is true that you can still be in very good physical and mental health after 50. I must admit how surprised and impressed I was when I saw Robert on top form especially in the first Sherlock Holmes movie. He is very physical for a man his age. I found out he was practising martial arts in real life. Mind you, in an airport I saw a passenger in a T-shirt that says ' I may be old but I can still kick your arse' . That means ' don't mess with me even if I am three decades older than you'. That was funny.

Seriously I didn't say I expected him to be replaced just now. I still want to see him play this role for as long as he can. I am looking forward to seeing the third installment next year.

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