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Re: Iron Man 3 Pic-Filming in Cary, NC

I live in Garner, NC near Wilmington and I work in Cary, NC and yesterday and today they filmed iron man 3 in two different locations. I couldn't go because of work and Robert was not there anyway, although if he had been there, I would have taken off! I heard Don Cheadle and they showed a pic of Guy Pearce on our local news was there. Robert is in Wilmington and I also heard that you can't even get close to any shot. There was a Christmas tree outside at the company where they shot yesterday. Even though Robert is not in Cary, it's still exciting to know a movie is being made this close by with him in it! I'm tingling with excitement!

Correction: I just saw this on a google site: RDJ was there at Epic Games in Cary! Oh no and I missed it!

Kristen June 5, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Me and a few friends were at Epic Game from 6am-6pm. We spotted RDJ three times walking around dribbling a basketball and reading a script. Some other people that were there saw Don Cheadle but we didnt. They filmed inside the WHOLE time until the last 30 minutes we were there they filmed a scene with 3 soldiers shooting firearms. We got a few pictures of the soldiers and the Christmas tree but RDJ walked too fast for us to get our cameras ready. And yes, it really was RDJ his identity was confirmed to us by a Marvel employee.

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Re: Iron Man 3 Pic-Filming in Cary, NC

Omg I can't believe this! I live in Greensboro. Wish I hsd known him back then. IM3 was my 1st full IM movie or any Rob movie. Just been a fan for 1 week. Lol

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