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Re: Sherlock 2

I wonder how much do fans around the globe (not USA) will have to wait to get it =(.... btw Judy I LOVE your avatar X3

Country Mexico

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Re: Sherlock 2

The Blue Ray/DVD releases on different dates in different countries. And thank you, Sugus. I love this one, too.

Country United States

Re: Sherlock 2

Thanks for the info! I love your avatar, too!

Re: Sherlock 2

Mine is coming from!! Can Hardly wait!!!!

Country Arizona - USA

Age (opt) a few more than Robert

Re: Sherlock 2

sherlock holmes 2 was released here in australia on the 10 May.

this was really strange i thought as we in australia did not have the movie actually released in the cinemas on the 5th january. strange very strange!

not that i am complaining.

the avengers will be coming out here early as well too. 29 august i believe. as for the dvd release of sherlock holmes 2 it was released here on the day the blu ray was released.

enjoy your rdj movie. very good i must say. rdj does look good in drag, suit and tuxedo.

enjoy yourselves it is worth the wait.

Country australia

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Re: Sherlock 2

Very excited to go get my SH AGoS today! I was watching Only You yesterday...could he get any cuter than that?

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