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Re: New Home Page!

Done. Everything is coming through, loud and clear. Website looks great!

Re: New Home Page!

FanTAStic new look ladies, I love it! I've got a chance to have a good look around again being off sick (getting over a stomach bug). Might even squeeze in a movie or two before the kids come home!

Well done on all the hard work you've put in, it is very much appreciated. And Happy Anniversary! xx

Country Somerset, UK

Age (opt) 36

Re: New Home Page!

Awesome! Love it!!!
Happy 1st anniversary Gina and Sue

Country Italy

Age (opt) 37

Re: New Home Page!

Love it, great job guys! Thank you for all the hard work you do and happy anniversary!

Country Australia

Re: New Home Page!

I love the new look and I am so happy to see that the main site will be getting updates!
RDJ's work is prolific - thanks for the enormous amount of work it must be taking to update it!

Country USA

Age (opt) 47

Re: New Home Page!

Thank you, Everybody! For your kind words and support! It really has been a labor of love! (Love of RDJ!)

Enjoy ya'll!!

Country Arizona - USA

Age (opt) a few more than Robert

Re: New Home Page!

It looks great ladies! I know a lot of hard work has been done behind the scenes. :)

Country United States

Re: New Home Page!

Guys the site looks great thank you so much for updating it! It made my day, great job! And happy anniversary!

Country Mexico

Age (opt) 23

Re: New Home Page!

It's awesome! I love it so much! Great job, ladies, and thanks for all you do to keep the site going!

Country South Carolina, USA

Age (opt) 35

Re: New Home Page!

I'm back.


Don't worry. I haven't come to cause trouble.

No hard feelings.

Your home page is fantastic.

Happy anniversary!

Re: New Home Page!

The new look is great, and thank you for updating the site again! Happy anniversary!

Country Hungary

Age (opt) 36

Re: New Home Page!

Wow,wow and wow!
Just popped by to have a look,the site looks amazing.Congratulations Gina and Sue,can't believe it has been a year-time flies!
I hope everyone that remembers me is well and I really hope to come by more often xx

Country United Kingdom

Age (opt) 42

Re: New Home Page!

...the new style of the home page is so awesome, Love it!!
... good job GinaB and DrSues!, congrats and thanks!

Age (opt) 21

Re: New Home Page!

Wonderful girls it look awesome!!!! I popped by to see what i could see and and was like WHOA! very very nice...Well Done

Country Usa, Ohio

Re: New Home Page! @Fiona

Fiona, please contact me privately.

Country USA

Age (opt) Roberts