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Re: New Home Page!

It looks great ladies! I know a lot of hard work has been done behind the scenes. :)

Country United States

Re: New Home Page!

Guys the site looks great thank you so much for updating it! It made my day, great job! And happy anniversary!

Country Mexico

Age (opt) 23

Re: New Home Page!

It's awesome! I love it so much! Great job, ladies, and thanks for all you do to keep the site going!

Country South Carolina, USA

Age (opt) 35

Re: New Home Page!

I'm back.


Don't worry. I haven't come to cause trouble.

No hard feelings.

Your home page is fantastic.

Happy anniversary!

Re: New Home Page!

The new look is great, and thank you for updating the site again! Happy anniversary!

Country Hungary

Age (opt) 36

Re: New Home Page!

Wow,wow and wow!
Just popped by to have a look,the site looks amazing.Congratulations Gina and Sue,can't believe it has been a year-time flies!
I hope everyone that remembers me is well and I really hope to come by more often xx

Country United Kingdom

Age (opt) 42

Re: New Home Page!

...the new style of the home page is so awesome, Love it!!
... good job GinaB and DrSues!, congrats and thanks!

Age (opt) 21

Re: New Home Page!

Wonderful girls it look awesome!!!! I popped by to see what i could see and and was like WHOA! very very nice...Well Done

Country Usa, Ohio

Re: New Home Page! @Fiona

Fiona, please contact me privately.

Country USA

Age (opt) Roberts