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Re: Seeing Robert at Comic Con today!

Loved his entrance at comic con. In general how do you get to go to this? Buy a ticket or something? Also how long did you have to wait to get to see him. I think it was in Hall H and they dont clear out the crowds between panels?

In a nutshell: If your lucky enough, you purchase your Comic Con tickets. Then you get processed when the event date arrives. Finally, and unless you know someone, you wait in lines sometimes for days and then spend the entire event in H Hall waiting for whatever particular panel you are interested in. Its a process. One that I've been doing/learning the ins and outs of for years? I try my best to make a plan to maneuver around and get into everything I want to see and do. Sometimes not everything can be seen. It's almost impossible unless you at there for the whole 5 days. Good luck if you plan on attending 2013.

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Re: Seeing Robert at Comic Con today!

Wow I didn't know it was that difficult =S I thought it was like any other convention...

It's great that you know your way around it Gina!

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Re: Seeing Robert at Comic Con today!

Glad you got to go! That's awesome!

Great video, Rocky! Thanks for sharing it with us, as always!

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