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Most Valuable

I've been on this board for many years... I remember finding an article years ago where if you wanted to sell a picture of Robert to a magazine it was worth less than 300$... Just look at him now... MOST valuable.
I know I know.. it's just the opinion of a magazine... although he's been the most "valuable" to us for a long time LOL

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Re: Most Valuable

Hi Mona! good to hear from you! and thanks for posting this. I know what you mean. To us Robert will always be most valuable!:)

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Re: Most Valuable

I agree with you ladies! Robert has always been OUR "Most Valuable" person in Hollywood!
But it is wonderful that so many others are realizing how amazing he is! "Bout time!

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Re: Most Valuable

Hi Mona... been a long time since we heard from you. Yes, he has always been very valuable to us and now everyone knows how valuable he is!! Thanks for posting.

Was reading Mr Phamous the other day and you and Judy's posts were there. Email me if you have a moment. :-)

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