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Re: Missed you guyz so much....!

Hey Nina! Good luck in California!!! You will love it! I hope you will get an opportunity to at least "see" Robert at some public appearance! Enjoy!!

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Re: Missed you guyz so much....!

Thanks a bunch DrSues...!

i will definitely try my best to see HIM...that's my utmost priority now that i have got a chance...

I dont know whether u remembered or not but you only kept my hopes up and asked me to never give up and to keep on dreaming...because in here once i told you that i am losing hope on meeting RDJ as i cant reach him and neither will he come to my country....

but SEE i am coming to his country and he also promised that he will visit India very soon in one of his movie promotion..(i was extremely exited when i heard a press release in my country where they said that Robert And Scarlett will be coming to India for Avenger promotion, but then Robert said that he cant and then HE PROMISED he will come to visit in near future.)

SO....thanks to much for keeping my hopes up....i love u all...

Any chance of meeting any DU sisters there ?...i definitely want to be a part of u guys
Beside California I will be visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles,Lancaster, sun city, riverside...for my work.

God Bless RDJ

Love ya

God Bless

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Re: Missed you guyz so much....!

Thanks Sugus..!

Yes its an absolute honor to get a chance like this..! I would have never been able to go there on my own...i was saving each and every money that i have earned till now to do so.....
and now i have got that chance to be there....lets hope i can achieve what i desire most..i have been dreaming this day for almost my entire life till now...

thanks a bunch

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Re: Missed you guyz so much....!

Nina, how wonderful you have this opportunity to be here for 3 months. I do hope you get a chance to see Robert while you're here .... anything is possible. Keep thinking positive!!

I live close to San Francisco ... maybe we could get together while you're up here. Would love to meet you. Stay in touch.

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Re: Missed you guyz so much....!

Nina, I tried your email and its not working for me. Please contact me at your convenience.

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