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American Cinemateque

Cant BELIEVE I haven't seen this one yet!

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Re: American Cinemateque

Cant BELIEVE I haven't seen this one yet!

It was originally on the website Funny or Die and strangely the uploader was Robert himself.....Go figure

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Re: American Cinemateque

i cant believe you didnt see it been around a year and is even on this website somewhere. But heres the thing --I am trying to see the whole show in its entirity...that is a treasure that is missing for all RDJ fans!! I spoke with our WebGod Gina about this and shes allowing me to network ideas for ways his fans can come together and see this award far i contacted Cinematheque and they said even tho its not been released yet to keep checking back bc its the first show not televised. we can maybe start a group on here and keep calling or emailing Cinematheque to let them know the demand is high to see it!! let start the push as Rdj fans to get this show released!!! Shay

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about yoga for Robert

Cant BELIEVE I haven't seen this one yet!
I had a dream of seeds in boxes since dreaming with tribes made me use those days ballet more like they do see whwt I do find my worship be knoiwer of my feeling for nature my memory of the strong wind . then my ballet had a diffrent significance , once I got very concentrated later on japanese meditation and I wasnt normal . SWo the people there took me to yoga out door we have almost free at times in parks . then after the movements they tie a ribbon of seeds to my arm and I feel Im comming from the seeds and I feel more beautifull to my self . Since the frace sayed in some language the energy of the seeds is in you from now on you feed your self in it to be strong and then you dont feed your self of any other anergy understood give your respect to what the seeds know . well It was that or inside no where like before but the other times it was very nice to be saying yes . I oinly regret not being able to pay out door stick movements light ones to see how much the wind can try to modify my movment choice . kiss for Robert this one you give strength .Catherine

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