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Re: REVIEW (no spoilers): "Iron Man 3": Best of the Iron Man Series By a Mile

I saw the film again on Sunday, and loved it so much more. The plot was so complex the first time, I think I was just struggling to keep up. On the second viewing, I was able to focus in on the actors, great scenes and Robert's wonderful development of Tony from an fast-quipping, adorable walking ego to an actual grownup (without losing the quips and adorable). Definitely recommend going to see it again. Box office has been great, but all of us fans should strive to recommend it to friends, because of the weirdness of the second-round critics. When you're a big target, you have to learn to expect some low blows...
Some of the critics are being harsh (in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings) about the funny script mixing with the terror theme.. i.e, Hollywood once again "not taking the world we live in seriously." (Um... not really that kind of movie. Go see "Zero Dark Thirty" if you want serious.)
I suspect this film will grow in esteem as we gain more distance from the events of April in Boston. And likewise re the Blu-Ray/DVD Extra footage; can't wait to see what did not make the final cut. Heading out tomorrow for another showing...

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Re: REVIEW (no spoilers): "Iron Man 3": Best of the Iron Man Series By a Mile

So **** True Mary......"an acute observation" i can say

It is truly the best Iron Man i have ever seen. I have already saw it thrice and every time i am liking it more...the script is actually brilliantly written..a true Shane Black style which made me like it more...narrative, to see more of TONY STARK rather than his suit bashing up bad guys.

And the huge twist was like hilarious...even Jarvis seemed to be more humanly rather than just a programming, not like comic book at all...and that made it most special about it all
The press van part specially made me fall of the seat laughing
Pepper Potts(Gwyneth) was simply awesome and so was Rhodeys part "WARMACHINEROCKS" seriously

But all in all ROBERT really nailed it....A true IRON MAN FINALE!

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