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So Proud of DOWNEY!

Thank you Robert for everything you have done! Thank you for blessing us with your gift. I know I am not active here but I have been a Downey fan since I was 15 and I am now 35. Seeing him get all of this love and attention and screams from FANS all over the world just makes me soooo proud. If anybody is deserving of all of this success it is HIM.

I too get annoyed when they constantly bring up his past, but it did make him who he is today. Those experiences helped shape him into the man he is now, although his sweet affectionate and caring personality never left him through it all. When people bring it up I think they are genuinely thrilled like the rest of us that he's SLAYING Hollywood right now.

I went to the midnight showing when Iron Man came out earlier this month and then had an entire Downey movie weekend.

And if he ends up becoming the highest paid in the history of Hollywood I will not be shocked! I am just so freaking dippity**** happy! 20 years I watched this man struggle with addiction and now everybody is addicted to him!

So this Oscar thing just needs to happen. Maybe the JUDGE will earn it for him!??

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Re: So Proud of DOWNEY!

Hi Joleen.

That's a lovely post and I agree with everything that you said.

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Re: So Proud of DOWNEY!

I couldn't agree more!

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Re: So Proud of DOWNEY!

Ditto to everything that has been said!

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