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Re: Chef Private Screening

Here is a video from SXSW's Q&A with Favs and John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt and Emjay Anthony, who plays Favreaus son in the movie.
Really looking forward to this, the trailer looks AMAZING!

Apparently they did a small screening at Gwyneth Paltrows house as well,
she introduced Fav's to food trucks.

"Gwyneth wasn’t involved in the movie but she introduced me to Kogi Tacos," Favreau explained to Yahoo Movies on Saturday of how he became aware of Choi. "While on the set of ‘Iron Man 2’ as a thank you to the crew, she brought the truck to the lot and we had the truck there for an hour or so."

Paltrow’s connection to the film does not stop there.

"I wanted to show Robert [Downey Jr.] the movie before he designed the posters for SXSW, I asked him as a favor because he’s a graphic artist and asked him to design a poster and he designed seven for us, so I wanted to show him the movie and we showed it at Gwyneth’s house," Favreau revealed. Roy [Choi] and I went over there and we prepared some of the food for lunch that was in the movie for them to try. If you look at [Paltrow’s website] Goop, she actually put up a photo of us in her kitchen, that was from that event.”

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