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Re: Happy Birthday Gina!!!

Thank you Judy and my other DUF sisters as well. I just got back from Vegas where I had a lovely time with my Sissy who flew in from Reno to help me celebrate. She took me for a lovely lunch at EAT, a restaurant owned and operated by her friend Chef Natalie. Later that evening we went to dinner at the "R" in The Riviera Hotel. But before dinner she took me to see the MJ Cirque De Solei "One" show at Mandalay Bay. I must tell you, if you are even a tiny bit of an Michael fan this is a must see. It was nonstop songs back to back with no break and it went from happy to exciting to sad. To hear Michael talking to us(the real Michael) and to watch his Hologram perform with all those dancers was really quite incredible. I was really touched and surprised when they played Michael singing his beautiful rendition of "Smile' and showed him in Chaplin attire from head to toe. He was such a huge fan of Chaplin I just didn't expect to see this as part of the show. Now, you KNOW I thought about our Robert and the tears were streaming. Although its a song about Smiling the words express and make you release a lot of sadness. All in all it was a great Birthday trip.... and the Birthday week continues.

Love you girls,

Lunch at EAT is always an experience when Chef Natalie is in the kitchen. Posole' with just the right balance of ingredients and a snap of spice and a grilled cheese sandwich that would knock anyone's socks off. I thought of Jon Favreau and the grilled cheese he made in "Chef" the whole time I ate mine. I was in heaven. Foodie for sure!

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Michaels retired shoes and glitter socks.

 photo 007_zps77d5d5fa.jpg

I don't eat meat very often but when I do, its like THIS!!
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Birthday Dessert!
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Re: Happy Birthday Gina!!!

I'm super late with this, but I hope you had an awesome Birthday Gina (Judging by the pics, it seemed like you had a good time)

Thanks for doing such an amazing job with the website as always, and hopefully the next year is even better for you :)

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Re: Happy Birthday Gina!!! @Troy

Thank you Troy.... never too late

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