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Re: Photo questions @JudyG

In this day and age of social media its not as hard as it once was to get a tshirt, blanket, coffee mug or whatever you want printed anymore. I've gotten several things done for my own personal use and honestly so have thousands of others. I think it all depends on the photo though. Some photographers want their images out there. Then there are some who have extreme copyright infringement laws or watermarks that cannot be removed unless you purchase the picture directly. Even then you would have to take a photo of the photo. Its all fairly confusing but more and more social media is to thank (or not thank) for breaking through those barriers. I get offended when I see so much of DUF's content stolen and used on the internet but Ive gotten used to/over it. You have to. People want and will take. I don't mind at all for personal use. What I mind is when credit is not given of the source or the artist. Much of DUF's content was purchased. That's the sad part. Everyone takes and no one supports the website. Try Café Press JudyG

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