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Re: Steve McQueen Documentary narrated by Robert

Chef was a really great movie, I was actually a bit surprised it was THAT good!

I hope they work again in the future. Favs visited the Avengers set while he is promoting Chef in London. Maybe he'll have a little cameo as Happy Hogan in Avengers 2.

Wouldn't it be cool if Marvel lets them do an R-rated IM4. IM3 was WAY too much a movie for ordinary mainstream audiences and kids! Everything that was cool and subversive about IM was basically nonexistent in IM3. Sad really!

Anybody read the spoilers on the first 20 min of Avengers 2?

Can't wait to see that party scene, LOL.

Re: Steve McQueen Documentary narrated by Robert

I really enjoyed seeing the movie a few times myself. It was a wonderful, whimsical, funny and touching film. Of course the perk was getting to talk to, hang out with, take pictures and get signed posters from Jon Favreau each time. Even had him DJ'ing for over an hour at The Pop Up Party with Chef Choi AND we ate Cubanos. If only Robert made a surprise appearance at one of the screenings. I guess we cant have everything.

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Re: Steve McQueen Documentary narrated by Robert

@Melinda: wow, this is EXACTLY the way I feel about Iron Man 3! I'm so totally with you (and why I'm currently not having the greatest hopes for Avengers 2, but that's another story)

Chef is really really great, probably the best movie I've seen this year. I really enjoyed it. The Q&A I was hoping for isn't going to happen for me unfortunately, but I was fortunate enough to at least very briefly see Jon Favreau on Monday and tell him how much I'm looking forward to the film (hadn't seen it yet at this point). But an actual Q&A would have been wonderful. Ah well, can't have everything. ;)

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Re: Steve McQueen Documentary narrated by Robert

WOW! This documentary sounds like it will be great! Can't wait to see it!
I also got to see CHEF! It was so good! Needed more Robert, of course! But it was very enjoyable!
Hope you all have been well, Girls! xoxoxoxo

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