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Mel and Sherri's Email to the Team

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to send a quick note to you all, with a few brief comments on
yesterday and some talk about things to come!

Cassie, Cassi, Melanie, Lindsay, and Vicki: You guys pulled together yesterday and
we're really proud of you! This week, we need to work on form - form in your lib
and form in your baskets!

Danielle, Steff, Layne, Vanessa and Kyle: Well done! We also need to spend a
little time on form in your lib, and we'll take a quick look at your basket/cupie

Megan, Kelsey, Marika, Brittany and Sammi: You know how solid you guys usually are.
Way to go, Marika, for continuing the routine even though your nose got hit at the
end of the cheer! We all appreciate your efforts and you shouldn't feel, at all,
like you let the team down. And even though, as a group, you were frustrated, you
still managed to hit the double and then the final - good job!

As a team, your energy was excellent. The cheer was beautiful, and your facials in
your dance and cheer portions were great!

Unfortunately, he BCCA has cancelled Provincial championships on the 6th of March,
which means that we have only this coming Saturday and the Grade 7 performance on
Thursday March 2nd, before our season is over! We want to assure you all that this
has been, and continues to be our best season ever and we're so, SO proud of you for
how hard you've worked on this routine. We know it hasn't been easy, but it looks
great and we really hope you're all as proud of the routine and yourselves as we

Please remember that this week, practice is EXTREMELY important and we need EVERYONE
there for the WHOLE practice!

We'll get back at things on Tuesday! :-D

~ Mel and Sherri