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Mel Gibson - Apocalypto

Just saw this movie, and i gotta say its one of the biggest piles of trash i have ever seen. I was so angry when i left the theatre due to this movies pro-genocide perspective! Basically it advertises itself as being about the Mayans but this is little to do with Mayan culture. It plays like a long saddistic version of Lord of the Flies mixed with the Passion of Christ and depicts the Mayans as savage and brutal. Although it looks fantastic (colour/costumes/sets etc) there is little to enjoy here.

We get to see Gibson tell us in his sadistic way, that the South American Indians had it coming, cos their people had become so degenerate. It shows very little of value of the mayan culture and offers little explanation to the onscreen brutality we see them inflict upon each other. There is no mention of their advanced astronomy or spirituality, and it shows them do little but enslave, torture and butcher their own people. The 'hero' eventually wins the day in a Die-Hard style ending in the jungle - where he single handedly takes on 7 'savages'.
This film couldn't be more insulting if it tried and when the europeans finally arrive on the scene there is no mention of their slaughter of the natives..in fact that actually come and 'save the day'.

Re: Mel Gibson - Apocalypto

Hi Higgen, this article seems to about support everything u said above