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The beautiful symbol of 'Sankofa'

The symbol of Sankofa is a favourite of mine. It is literally a giant bird looking back. The meaning is simple as it is powerful. See here http://www.welltempered.net/adinkra/images/sank2_lg.gif.

The meaning is described as; 'return and fetch it' 'return and bring it', but for me it symbolises 'back to your roots'. Saying that no matter what we do, we should not forget where we have come from and look back to our forebears/ancestors in order to go forward. This still has a major part of modern West African thinking. Someone also told me that it shows that the 'World is round'. I wonder if the creators knew this a long time before others had establised the same fact?

It would be interesting to hear other symbols of natural objects from around the world which had similar meanings.

Re: The beautiful symbol of 'Sankofa'

hi, yes I totally agree with you. The Sankofa symbol has an excellent message, and a very important one today. People should be made more aware of these kind of symbols. Sankofa is more relevant now than ever. Please take a look at the 'ancient symbols' section of the site There are a few symbols here now (including Sankofa), and we will be looking to expand this part of the site further. As ever i would apreciate any more of your suggestions and thanks for the information!

Re: The beautiful symbol of 'Sankofa'

sorry, the correct link is here http://khemet.co.uk/ancientsymbols.html