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black dolls documentary

Look how deep the Brain washing is
A video worth seeing...and thinking about...
Click on the link below.
You need to click on the link, watch and listen...


Re: black dolls documentary

Hi Mona,

i have been sent this many times, yet i think this is trying to brainwash us. Really, this documentary should be showing the REASONs why these girls chose the white doll.... Why dont they ask the questions "how many hours TV do they watch a day" and also "what programmes do they watch the most" or "what channel " etc. I am suspicous whenever these things get sent around and even more suspcious when major networks start giving it air time. And it has been put on a major channel too in the US (on the news) ... All this coincides with the Big Brother stuff - and it just reeks of distraction... while these guys take over the world, they keep us thinking about racism......black people who see this documentary are going to feel angry, distressed, depressed etc - but without knowing anything like the real cause of the problem - and thus never solving it.....

I think TV and advertising are brainwashing us with subliminal messages. http://khemet.co.uk/brainwash.html

Re: black dolls documentary

Ha ha! I agree. If you look carefully, there are a few kids rocking a weave in that tape. Why have their parents given them a weave?? Rather than sit them down and give them an education they sat them down to get brainwashed into thinking that long flowy hair is what they need?? What's wrong with good old cornrows?? The brainwashing is doing a good job though - even white ppl think black ppl are 'running' from themselves...

It would have been interesting to discover the reasoning behind their choices. However, if you think about T.V, then you realise what the problem is - the programmes that are intended to 'aspire' always contain white faces, never black. Programmes that do contain black faces are often negative, or are directed at a small percentage of the black population (i.e. Channel U, have you seen that rubbish??). I'm always surprised that they manage to find black actors (such as the one in the BBC drama that aired last year) so desperate for work that they agree to participate in the trashing of their own race...

I agree on the racism point too, there is no point dwelling on it. We need to get to the root of the problem and solve it, banging on about it doesn't change anything. The only problem is, there are too few ppl trying to get to the root of the problem - more action is needed rather than endless discussion. But, on this point I will shut up - I said I was going to look into being a mentor, but never did. However I made a smaller effort - now I am trying to guide my younger cousins to stick with their free education and trying to encourage them to make the most of it.