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the return of the ancient egiptian order

hetep nezder

i am student/teacher of the Ancient Egiptian Order of NEZDER A'AFERATI ATUM-RE who we humbly refer to as h.e. Dr malachi z. york and would like to announce to our fellow khemetic brothers & sisters our progress in the freedom of our master teacher @ guide.The ancient egiptian order has accomplish many wonderful things in the struggle to liberate the mental captives who have become mummies under the spell of apophis call the spell of sleep,our master teacher nezder a'aferati atum-re has written over 420 books of every subject above & below the sun(re) and has built communities or mirs(pyramids) allowing our people to come & gather and learn as well as build our most sacred site call tama-re(egipt of the west) located in eatoton ,georgia which was attack may 2002 by the heka-khasut(caucasians) who began to fear the rise of a powerful people who began to champion the 'black cause' liberation.

our fight is your fight if you say we are of the seed of the khemetic people,we overstnd the importance of unity which is why we have embrace all our family in a effort to help our people return to mental,spiritual @ physical liberation.we may share different views about home and may be climbing a different route to the top of the miraat(pyramids/liberation) but we have the same goals which is why we should all join forces and walk to the graveyard of our people (the ghettos,prisons/streets) and resurrect them through the power of the ancient ones,and set them on their feet and direct them home back to pa nezderaat and the cycle in which we live in(sun cycle) and help them qaulify their minds for this new era in order to make the journey

i greet you in peace and invite you to the temple(mir)
to sup with the ancient one before us nezder a'aferati atum re www.ancientegiptianorder.com
www.aeoeonline.com www.nuwaububooks.com

Re: the return of the ancient egiptian order

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