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US Elections and Barack Obama

The media has been so disgusting in its treatment of Obama. Every report on CNN, Sky and News24 has the spin that “Clinton has the edge” and has “experience”… without the real votes even being counted. Im so pi**ed off about it. The exit polls (conducted by Fox News!!!) claimed Clinton had won places like New York, when only 2% of the actual votes had been counted.

With endorsements from Robert De Niro, George Clooney, Oprah, Stevie Wonder and Ted Kennedy – this election should be a walk for Obama. He is getting white and black votes. Yet somehow he is not considered the favourite by the media – and Hilary has the so called “edge”.

I now realise why Obama was getting such good media coverage. Basically he did all of the work getting support for the Democrats and now the corporations want Hilary to benefit from it all and get into the Whitehouse.

Her policies are an absolute joke - she has focused on the “Latino” vote – and is big on “health”. Basically this is just playing on the recent (stirred up) tensions between blacks and latinos in the US. And as for the health thing, she is just playing on the success of Michael Moores film “Sicko”… he is a puppet too. So basically she is playing on fear.

Obama is for hope.

If Amercia “votes” in another Clinton, the last 4 presidents will have come from just 2 families. Bush snr - Bill Clinton - Bush Jnr - Hilary Clinton. 12 years of two families in a so called democracy. And surprise - surprise, Bill Clinton has said on many occasions that Bush senior is like a father to him….. add that to the fact that under Reagan, Bush senior was Vice president – and many believe he was pulling the strings.

Re: US Elections and Barack Obama

Gotta say i agree. America needs to break the Bush/Clinton dynasty that has been in place since 1980.

Does this seem right?:

1980=Reagan with Vice Preident BUSH
1984=Reagan with Vice Preident BUSH

check out this link


shows just how close Bush and Clinton are.