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Have a school paper or project to complete? Conducting scholastic or diversity research related to cultural information and differences? Looking for people to take part in a diversity research project? The Y? Research/Coursework Center is a fast, easy way for you to make the right contacts and secure the best data. Remember to read Y?'s User Agreement, then click here to post your query. In addition, if you see a question related to your background or expertise, please feel free to answer it. As always, remember to use proper etiquette when using the message center. Violaters will be banned from further use.

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Local News Media of minorties

I am in the process of researching information on how media influences the way we think about African-Americans. I would like to get feedback on how people feel about media's perceptions. Over the last 10 years crime has decreased but the amount of news coverage has increased by more than 400%. Watch your local news station and let me know if African Americans are perceived a certain way. Is one of the top stop about a "black man about 5'7 180pds around 22yrs" I want to know your perspective. Thanks!!

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