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Re: biracial relationships

I think that people are attracted to one another for many reasons. And there are varying degrees of attraction. If you mean the 'oh my god look at that hot guy' type of attraction, that can be based upon what you are used to, what effected you most in life, or just the science of facial symmetry and proportion. For example, i am a white girl and assume i like white guys because i was rarley exposed to other races in my small hometown. Or i like black guys because early in my childhood a black man did something nice for me and i began to idolize him. I may not remember this but it might lay in my subconscious and affect my conscious attractions. Or I could see the "thugged out ******** as a part of something i want to be, a culture i want to identify with and be close to.

What I am proposing is that our attractions can be based on all sorts of things and to ascertain the why of an attraction, we most likely need to know the person who has the attraction.

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this is Monica and I would like to know why do white women date black men I mean there is nothing wrong with that. Is it because of rumors such as "Black men have a big penus" or because your tired of the dorky, prep jockey and want a thugged out nigga. I mean because all men all the same just different in sizes. if you had a man that was white that wasn't treating you right you can switch over and still find a black man that won't treat you right either(not saying that you can't find a good black man, but saying there is going to be bad men no matter what race you turn to)you know what i mean. But if you have any responses or questions for me just send an e-mail.

Re: Re: biracial relationships - by anonymous - Jan 15, 2005 2:27pm
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