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Sexual minorities attitudes re: mental illness in their community

I am doing some research which requires me to find out how the sexual minority community generally understands mental illness. While I have found plenty of research about the attitudes of folks in the mental health field towards sexual minorities (there is quite a lot of homophobia that affects access), I have not found aything in my data base searches of journals regarding the other issue.

Interestingly enough, I am a sexual minority with a mental health issue, and a grad student of mental health counseling. I would be interested in hearing from GLBTQ folks who have mental illnesses, or from those who do not.

If you do not have a mental illness and you meet someone who does, how does that affect your level of trust and respect for that person? If you do have a mental illness, how have you been treated differently when it is known by others in the community, if at all?

Any ideas you have to share would be greatly appreciated!


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