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Did Ancient Africa Influence India And South East Asia???

Did Ancient Africa ,Influence India ,And South East Asia???

I think the real question should be this:

(1) Did India and/or Asia, influence Africa; or, did Africa, influence India, South East Asia, and beyond?

(2) Were not the original Kingdoms and Peoples of India, and South Asia, African in appearance?? What happen to them?

(3) How did Africans get to the South Pacific???[Thousands of years, before the European or the Asian]

(4) Should this question, be answered by our own Societies of Science??? Or, are we to wait, for other institutions; to truthfully tell, our entire pre-colonial story?

Funding today, seems to be based, on continued revelations of black bare breasts; and naked nubian warriors.

We were more, and are more, than this; and have over 6000 years of real contributions.

Our complete story, would free, not only us; but all peoples of the globe.

Then the healing, of all mankind, can finally begin.

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