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check this out!

You call this a conservative state but we have only had two republican Governors in the last 35 years, you *******. THAT is why this state is ****ed up, you piece of ****.....If I knew where to find you, I'd come kick your lame lying ass.

Re: check this out!

well isn't that special?

typical redneck response!

oh, and very christian of you my brother!

Re: Re: check this out!

Just look at the facts, true Oklahoma sucks in alot of ways, but living different cities across the country, people are much more cutthroat and superficial on the coasts, plus when I lived in Seattle, the only people that actually tried to help the homeless people were right wing conservative church people, while the the liberal coastal people only talked about helping them, while sipping a starbucks and ignoring beggars as the walk to work

Re: check this out!

I agree with derrick. get your facts right