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Your Comparison Chart Must Certainly Settle Everything, Right?

One need only look at the comparison chart to concede to its profound analysis: "Conservative-Bad, Liberal-Good"
Rather a bit like, "Me, Tarzan...You, Jane."

As usual, however, you leave out all the glaring cases of hypocrisy at play in the liberal, high income, high education-level, states. Liberal, elitist, establishment Democrats control not only the highest concentrations of wealth by region in America (gold coast-Chicago, Manhattan-NYC, Beverly Hills-L.A., just to name a few), these would also prove to be the most segregated, violent, corrupt cities, where the liberal elite also control the vote and keep a firm grasp on minority voters without delivering on any of the promises with regard to the quality of life issues they claim to do a better job at for those most struggling in inner-cities.

Your comparison dare not discuss the quality of life in the top 10 most violent cities. These would also be the ones with the highest cost of living, highest local tax obligations, underperforming schools, most indicted elected officials, and most Machine-style, stranglehold majority, Democratic Party politics.
I live in Illinois. The land of Lincoln is no more. This is the land of Daley, Obama, Jackson, Guttierrez, Blagoievich, Jackson Jr., Stroger, and former Black Panther-turned-U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush. Corruption is blatant, shameless, and even touted as 'tradition.'
Your comparison chart attempts to combat propaganda. It IS propaganda.
Typical, Democrat, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, patronizing, condescending, SPIN.

Re: Your Comparison Chart Must Certainly Settle Everything, Right?

And so you would much rather live in Oklahoma or Alabama than Connecticut and Minnesota?