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Hi Phillip,
My name is Michael James Caron (Mike), President of M&S Music Management. I just listened to a few of your songs to see if you might have talent. I represent Cliff Ayres Enterprises in Nashville, Tennessee that consists of the Entertainer Indi-Association, Music Town Distributers, Emeral Records, Record Row Review and is affiliated with over 100 of the biggest Independant record labels in the world. I would be very honored if you would consider allowing me to represent you. I have two web-site, and In a very short time, I will be aquiring a BurnLounge site where I will be able to play any music I want and put in plugs for buying CD's. If you accept this offer, you will be listed on both sites along with a link to your web-site as well. When you check my site out you will see that we have a group called Robbin & Wheeler who won the E.I.A. Springfest Awards Show in Nashville this past April which awarded them a $5,000.00 Recording Contract. The next show is October 27th and 28th. I realize that you would not make this one, however I would like to strat working with you so that you could be in line for the Springfest award. I am also working with several Cruise Lines to get tours for my clients. I would like to hear from you because you do have excellent talent and should reach for the skies. Great Job.
Michael James Caron