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Brighton Oct/Nov Gigs

Re interest in y Philip Jeays badge range I will be at a number of the Brighton gigs in Oct/Nov.(certainly 2nd Oct).

If anyone's interested in a badge or 2 let me know and I'll bring a few along.


PS not sure about Mr Jeays on cruise liners. Thought that was more for the Bonnie Langfords of this world!!

Re: Brighton Oct/Nov Gigs

Don't come along on Oct 2nd Step, unless of course you want to take a look at the life drawing class, come along on the 3rd instead... although I can't guarantee any nudity.

Ha ha, yes, me on a cruise ship - still at least they couldn't run away... have you looked at his website? It starts like this:

"We will not promote any Artist that feels 
that profanity of any kind is cool.  It is not."

Do you think he's actually listened to any of my songs? Not that I think that profanity is cool obviously, but sometimes it's just fucking neccesary shit fuck wank arse. And tits.
See you on the 3rd.


Re: Brighton Oct/Nov Gigs

What is the name of the venue re Trafalgar St on Oct 20th?? What time on and off .Cheers.

Re: Brighton Oct/Nov Gigs

It's the Prince Albert - it's just Pog and us, (Pog being half of the Fab Stapleton Sisters) - they'll start about 8.30 - 9, we'll follow about 10.