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A Night On The Barge

I'm sure those of you who were there last night will agree it was a highly entertaining evening. Great performances all round and the 'Jeays Chanson Supergroup' were brilliant.
Good choice of songs from those of you who were picked... I wasn't again this year but heard some faves.
Post up your reviews here and look out for pictures and 'things' on the site soon.
Best wishes


Re: A Night On The Barge

We had to leave early to get our train but I enjoyed what I saw/heard. Sally and I had 2 friends with us, one of whom had been to one Jeays gig 4 years ago and the other had never heard him before. I was slightly worried that the first few songs picked were funny ones (are they the ones people prefer?) and they would go away with the impression that this guy is just a joker. I think "Richenda" changed that though.
(I would have liked "Midnight in Trieste" but my ticket didn't come up either) :(

We liked the barge, the food and the drink prices, and were relieved to see that the Thames went away after a while and the boat stopped swaying!

PS Have only just found this website. Where have I been?

Re: Re: A Night On The Barge

Welcome to Jim. Never too late to drop in.
I always find it difficult to describe Phil's music to people and do him justice. If you say singer-songwritery then there's the worry that means from the Gray/Blunt mould, if you say there are funny songs he could be falsely prejudged as being 'a singing comedian'. If you start to talk about european cabaret and french Chanson influenced then you lose people.
In the end you just have to say "just go to a Jeays gig".

A good mix of everything last night I thought.


Re: A Night On The Barge

I too never know how to descibe Phil's music. It seems that 95% of people have never heard of Jacques Brel, so that's a dead end. The best I can usually do is "a bit reminiscent of Scott Walker", but that's really not an adequate description. Which is annoying, because I'm convinced that that he could be hugely successful given the right marketing.

Thanks again all for a very enjoyable evening. My only complaint is that the evening just wasn't long enough.

I managed to video most of the performance, I don't think that the quality will be great, but I'll see what comes out when I get the chance. Maybe there'll be something worth posting on the site.

Re: A Night On The Barge

Long time lurker, first time poster...

And occasional guitarist.

I have a guilty admission to make - I was left in charge of the door while the Brighton Contingent were arriving, and a couple of people came in and I forgot to give them their raffle tickets and they were too polite to ask (or perhaps they did ask, and I didn't hear them). I only realised yesterday, and I'm really very sorry.

They were white tickets, too...

Re: A Night On The Barge

We got our tickets OK. When we left we gave them to that nice man at the back. I hope he got his request!

Re: Re: A Night On The Barge

>We got our tickets OK.
Were they white tickets?

>I hope he got his request!
If he was asking for "Here I Am", yes he did.

Re: A Night On The Barge

Loved the barges on the badge but forgot to get some - next time!. Excellent night all round and thought Phil was on top form - what an entertainer - just sorry he didn't get the job. Really glad the dancing lady didn't.

Re: A Night On The Barge

Another Jeays' Christmas bash; comes round too quickly and is over too soon. An excellent night last week and interesting that the balance of songs called for was at the EMO end of things, not that I've been counting but there's usually more of the funny stuff.

Actually, perhaps EMOcore or EMO is the way forward in describing Phil's ouevre to young people. The following is a description of typical Emo features lifted from a fansite.

"The vocal style is usually much more intense than emocore, ranging from normal singing in the quiet parts to a kind of pleading howl to gut-wrenching screams to actual sobbing and crying."

Ahh the pleading howl, it resonates for days - but Phil I'm already using those extra copies of Fame as coasters, I don't need any more!

"Lyrics tend toward somewhat abstract poetry..... Record inserts have lyrics......containing poetic writing from the label owner.... about disillusionment, anger, and things that happened when the writer was four. Such writing is known as emo writing....."

We're definitely on the right track here aren't we!

"Artwork, too, tends toward abstract black-and-white photographs of rusted/broken things (especially machinery), drawings of flowers, and pictures of old men"

Hmmm, after the first couple of CDs, perhaps drawings of flowers would have helped to sell a few more copies?

"There is a particular emo dance.. It's known as "the emo tremble." The trembler clasps his/her hands together (wringing them from time to time), leans forward, bounces quickly on the balls of the feet, and shakes the upper torso in time to the music. Once in a while the trembler will grab the back of the head and rock back and forth."

Well if you insist on standing too near the stage you've only got yourself to blame.

So lets move things on. I'm quite happy to start a virtual whip round for a large pot of mascara if someone else will volunteer to nip down to Superdrug to get it.


Re: A Night On The Barge

As regards describing the Jeays style, I recall one reviewer from the days of things on paper rather than etherous emissions who compared the out-put to songs from musicals not yet written. That seems to sum it up to around 87% for me. Certainly my last couple of girlfriends have not like him so much and used such a comparison unbidden. (To be fair, one said she like the lyrics but preferrd a "rougher" voice, summat less proficient. Just a matter of personal (bad) taste, I guess).

I'm sorry that I missed the event. I was, at the time, flying back from South-Western France, which I believe to be an artistically valid excuse.

May 2007 bring yet more poignant beauty and black comedy in the eloquent and mellifluous tones of Mr. Jeays.